Author: Siham Muntasser

Trees for Health and Well-being

Dr. Francesco Ferrini  Professor of Arboriculture @ the University of Florence, Italy August 18 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm Program Description: The talk highlights the significance of urban trees for human health and well-being, exploring the multifaceted benefits they provide. By examining the latest research, innovative practices, and community engagement strategies, the presentation seeks to promote […] Continue reading "Trees for Health and Well-being"

Green Spaces, Sustainability, and Environmental Health

Green spaces in urban setting serve many important functions. They provide healthy recreational spaces for individuals, families and communities. They enhance the esthetic appeal of neighborhoods. Trees are critical components of climate modulation and they aid with air, water, and sound pollution. They provide food for many different types of creatures. Native trees are particularly […] Continue reading "Green Spaces, Sustainability, and Environmental Health"

Green Giants Saving Planet Earth

Trees, well-deserving the nickname Green Giants, serve many ecological functions and are critically important for life on the planet Earth. Trees are essential components of our ecosystems and major harbors of biodiversity. They are part of the cycle of life, providing food and shelter for many different types of creatures, big and small. Humans depend […] Continue reading "Green Giants Saving Planet Earth"

On Death, Loss, and Mourning

Siham Muntasser  As mental health professionals discussing resilience, we can’t escape from a conversation about the painful aspects of life, which indeed have recently been many. Resilience, after all, is about acknowledging and overcoming hardship. I ran into this tree in the mountains of the Pisgah Forest. It was a large tree that was perhaps […] Continue reading "On Death, Loss, and Mourning"

Biodiversity, Native Ecosystems and Whole Health

Siham Muntasser Fred Bahnson in his book, Soil and Sacrament, emphasizes the need to protect our native ecosystems: our mountains, our water supplies, our natural resources, our flora and fauna. He talks about permaculture, i.e., the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient, as a critical element for the health of our […] Continue reading "Biodiversity, Native Ecosystems and Whole Health"

The Healing Power of Water

Siham Muntasser and Nancy Glander It is perhaps fair to say that water is the most magical of the molecules. Without it there would not be life on earth. It cleanses, heals and relaxes. Water is life!  Water is magical in its chemical structure and physical properties. It is short of alchemy, or perhaps it […] Continue reading "The Healing Power of Water"