The Healing Power of Water

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Siham Muntasser and Nancy Glander

It is perhaps fair to say that water is the most magical of the molecules. Without it there would not be life on earth. It cleanses, heals and relaxes. Water is life! 

Water is magical in its chemical structure and physical properties. It is short of alchemy, or perhaps it is alchemy. They said it was gold, but maybe water is the real Universal Elixir of Life. Water can change from liquid, to solid then to air, and back again. It creates snow, mist, and  rain. It changes form and yet it is still the same. What a metaphor for our existence!  The cycle of life depends on water. Water constitutes a significant component of our cells and the cells of every living organism on earth. It is deeply woven in our being and in the way we transmit our genetic information to future generations. Epigenetic and perhaps genetic  mechanisms are impacted by the water we drink. In the womb, the new creation is surrounded and protected by water. Our DNA unfolds on water.         Water is our past, our present, and our future. 

Masaru Emoto in his book, The Healing Power of Water, emphasizes that water is “Prima Materia” the prime substance of the universe. Water, since the beginning of time, has been seen as the symbol of the soul. Emoto highlights that water has memory, and it is in fact a messenger bringing us information about the universe and the world and about ourselves. Water acts as a liquid tape recorder and is able to receive, store, and transmit electromagnetic vibration, highlighting its importance in spiritual consciousness, he says. The spiritual properties of water have been appreciated since ancient times. Many indigenous cultures consider water sacred and the spiritual dimensions of water are visible in many religions and evident in terms such as holy water, blessed waters, and sacred rivers.  The Bible places water in a very central position, at the beginning there was only water. St. Francis of Assisi called her “Sister Water.” Water is the most important material for the existence and support of life and health on the planet Earth.

“A human being is a water being” emphasizes Dr. Petra  Bracht. Water is the primeval sea in which our 80 billion cells swim. Can you imagine a crowd of 80 billion people and transport within the city is provided by water? Movement is life, and stagnation is death. Like Dr. Martin Luther King said, we must keep moving.

The best possible way for the body to get water is out of fruits and vegetables, says Dr. Bracht. “In this way, all the minerals, trace elements, and vitamins are easily available, as well as all the other plant substances that have benefited humankind for millions of years.” 

To say that water is sacred has spiritual and practical implications affirms Starhawk. If we honor water spiritually, we must also treat it with respect in very ordinary ways. Conserving water and creating systems to protect, heal and clean it, are practical prayers.

In North Carolina we are blessed with amazing waterfalls, lakes, rivers, natural springs, and an amazing coastline.  Yet, sadly our water resources are decreasing dramatically. The need to protect our water resources can’t be more urgent. 

Through love and gratitude, we have the ability to improve our world, and we can actively put a healing process into motion, says Emoto. It is our duty as human beings to contribute to the healing of the earth and its waters. E-motion is energy in motion. This is where our action, commitment, and connection can meet at the service of our Mother Earth. Are we willing to take action?