Green Giants Saving Planet Earth

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Trees, well-deserving the nickname Green Giants, serve many ecological functions and are critically important for life on the planet Earth. Trees are essential components of our ecosystems and major harbors of biodiversity. They are part of the cycle of life, providing food and shelter for many different types of creatures, big and small. Humans depend on trees for many important types of food. With their incredible beauty, trees enhance our lives by bringing joy and calm to our hearts and minds as we stroll in local parks and arboretums. Trees are important components of our cultural heritage, social connections, and economic development.

Most importantly, Green Giants produce oxygen, essential for life on the planet, and use carbon dioxide for the photosynthesis, removing it from the atmosphere. Carbon sequestration is believed to be critically important for climate modulation. Carbon dioxide free in the air, along with methane, nitrous oxide, and water vapor are the infamous greenhouse gases, thought to be responsible for global warming. Trees help mitigate urban heat island effect. Green Giants also play a critical role in air and water quality. They remove deleterious fine particles from the atmosphere decreasing air pollution. Their roots filter water across banks of rivers and lakes, enhance nutrient cycling and help with soil stabilization. Green Giants decrease noise pollution and provide shade. 

Despite this immense importance, humanity seems to have made it its mission to cut as many trees as possible. Loss of trees and massive deforestation due to savage urban development and large scale farming are calamities of major ecological proportions. Global warming, loss of biodiversity, and air, water and noise pollution are catastrophic consequences of our inability to protect these amazing creatures. 

We just had the hottest day ever recorded on Earth. This reality is not going to get better unless we act. Knowledge, deep understanding, empathy  and deep commitment to making a difference are essential at this critical stage in the life of the planet. Our survival and the survival of the planet Earth depend on our actions today!

Green Giants can save the Earth, if we give them a chance. Environmental protection and environmental justice are important responsibilities we must harbor if we still want to continue to exist on this planet.

Our native plants, shrubs, and trees are especially important and serve many critical functions for the web of life as a source of food, fostering biodiversity and ecosystem resilience.  

Wild Ones Central North Carolina in a series of presentations, highlights the critical role Green Giants play in climate modulation, preservation of biodiversity, food resilience and health. Wild Ones CNC describes very important steps each one of us can take to restore the health of our planet. Join Wild Ones CNC in this multisession forum to learn about the critical importance of protecting our trees, our green spaces, and our native flora and fauna.