Wild Ones Central North Carolina Chapter

Welcome to Wild Ones Central North Carolina Chapter where we promote native landscapes through educations, advocacy, and collaborative action. Our Chapter supports the use of environmentally sound landscaping practices to preserve biodiversity and ecosystem resilience.

We believe that each individual holds the power to make a positive impact. By planting native plants, we can contribute to a healthier planet and foster more resilient ecosystems – bringing back pollinators, supporting wildlife, and rewinding the natural beauty of the wild. A healthy planet relies on native plants.

Biodiversity is Our Lifeline

Native plants are very important for many different reasons. Due to their specific characteristics and the way the coexist with the environment, they are more able to sustain drought, they require less pesticides, and they are intrinsically connected to the web of life in ways non-native plants are not. They provide a habitat for pollinators to find food and shelter. Our food production depends on the web of life.

Photo Credit: Heather Russell
Photo Credit: Heather Russell

Healthy Ecosystems Require Native Plants

Over thousands of years, wild plants have grown naturally, adapting to each region’s unique environmental conditions. Native plants have several benefits.

  • Have adapted to thrive in your region’s soil and weather conditions
  • Restore a healthy environment and create wildlife habitat
  • Have deep roots which slow down stormwater and improve water quality while reducing erosion, carbon, and excess nutrients
  • Need no fertilizer or extra watering once established
  • Act as natural pest controls and reduce need for pesticides
  • Provide quality food and shelter for birds and wildlife
Photo Credit: Heather Russell

Caring Deeply About Planet Earth and About Each Other

Respect is at the heart of Wild Ones. We have respect for each other, nature and for the earth.

We’re an inclusive community. Diverse voices and backgrounds make us stronger. That’s why we welcome everyone to join us.

We provide evidence-based information, because the seeds of change spread most efficiently when grounded in data. We monitor and share the latest evidence-informed strategies.

We’re action oriented. Just dig in! We learn, grow, and share our knowledge.

Photo Credit: Heather Russell

An Experiential Program at the Blomquist Garden of Native Plants

Find peace and delight in nature’s beauty at Duke Gardens exploring the Blomquist Garden of Native Plants.

A Conference on Ecosystem Health & Resilience

Join us for a day of exploring how nature can help us build resilience and find hope in challenging times!

Celebration of Native Plants & Pollinators @ Bailey Park

In celebration of Pollinator Week, Wild Ones Central North Carolina is delighted to invite you to participate in an amazing outdoor event, On the Wings of Life – Celebrating Pollinators. This free, un, family friendly event aims at highlighting the essential role pollinators play in the web of life, and the important role we can play in protecting and preserving them. This celebration will take place at the beautiful Bailey Park downtown Winston-Salem on June 22, 2024, from noon-6pm.

Photo Credit: Heather Russell

Our Natural Environment, Our Home

We care deeply about life on planet Earth. We believe the health of our planet depends on healthy ecosystems! Our own health depends on the health of the ecosystems around us. Our native flora and fauna are very important for life on earth. Biodiversity is our strength. Mother Earth needs our help now and its ability to regenerate depends on us.

We are beautiful creatures who live on an amazing planet. Together we can make a difference. We have the tools, the minds, the creativity and the knowledge. Using all of these in the interest of mankind and in the interest of our only home, would make perfect sense. Together, we can transform yards, community spaces, and natural areas into vibrant havens for native plants and wildlife.

We can make an impact in our community by:

  • Installing a pollinator garden
  • Building a rain garden or pond to mitigate stormwater runoff and provide wildlife habitat
  • Planting native trees and shrubs for birds
  • Introducing native plants into an existing flowerbed
  • Reducing and replacing non-invasive turf
  • Sharing what we learn and grow with others
  • Advocating for changes in policies and practices
Photo Credit: Heather Russell

Healing the Earth One Landscape at a Time

We can’t help but be mesmerized by the beauty of nature and flowers.

Mother Earth is so good to us and so beautiful. Protecting this beauty for future generations is a civic responsibility. In order to preserve, protect, and restore the health of our planet environmental stewardship and ecological consciousness are essential.

Photo Credit: Siham Muntasser

You can make a difference!

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