Welcome to the Wild Ones Central North Carolina Chapter! HEALING THE EARTH ONE LANDSCAPE AT A TIME

We can’t help but be mesmerized by the beauty of nature and flowers. What an amazing grace to see and enjoy. Mother Earth is so good to us and so beautiful. Protecting this beauty for future generations is a civic responsibility. In order to preserve, protect, and restore the health of our planet environmental stewardship and ecological consciousness are essential. Biodiversity is our strength. Mother Earth needs our help now and its ability to regenerate depends on us.

Native plants are very important for many different reasons. Due to their specific characteristics and the way the coexist with the environment, they are more able to sustain drought, they require less pesticides, and they are intrinsically connected to the web of life in ways non-native plants are not. They provide a habitat for pollinators to find food and shelter. Our food production depends on the web of life.

We are are beautiful creature who live on an amazing planet. Together we can make a difference. We have the tools, the minds, the creativity and the knowledge. Using all of these in the interest of mankind and in the interest of our only home, would make perfect sense.

We encourage you take the opportunity to experience and enjoy all that nature has to offer. We also hope that this experience will increase your awareness of the perils of our Mother Earth and your commitment to making a difference.

Join us!

The Art of Healing Comes from NatureParacelsus


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