The Fairies Magical Garden

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Wild Ones! The Fairies have chosen our home as their residence!

Because of our humble nature, commitment to service, and love for friendship, they said they believe we are a suitable location for their mission of peace and kindness. Their motto is live, love, and laugh. It sounds nice!

They chose a sunny patch of land. They said they prefer to grow native plants, for some reason.  It has something to do with pollinators and the food they eat. But, they didn’t seem to be bothered that the land they chose had plants already living on it. They said  they love integration with non-invasive species and that biodiversity is important to them.

They must be some hard-working Fairies! They brought a bunch of equipment. They really loved the milkweed, the mountain mint, and the Joe Pye weed. They said the butterflies like these plants very much.

They also loved the bee hive. They love honey which is good for them apparently, but this is a complicated story and will need some future explaining.

They even have a little special space for friends gone, and a yellow cat. It must have been one of their friends.

Oddly enough, one of the Fairies chose to live at the end of the patch, away from the others next to the carnivorous plant. Go figure! Apparently, she loves to travel and is always waiting for mail.

A big task for us is going to be keeping a well-balanced situation between the need of the plants for water and the need of the Fairies for cleanness. We have to be mindful of getting their habitat dirty! Keeping good documentation to share with everyone is going to be important- and perhaps a bit of a task for the photographer, since the Fairies have asked not to be photographed. They said they are magical creatures and they only live in our imagination. We must respect their boundaries. We surely look forward to getting to know them and we hope you all will enjoy this experience.